ACECOMM is committed to keeping you safe with leading, state-of-the-art security services in Las Vegas. A modern surveillance system is key to watching your property and deterring theft. Surveillance is crucial after an incident but also deters would-be intruders.

A surveillance system lets you know who is on your premises, even when you are away. Remote access systems enable you to stay connected while you are traveling or at work, and it helps you ensure your family and property’s safety. But security is more than just CCTV installation, and an array of security and alarm system products are on the market.

Advanced Security Services In Las Vegas

Access to many options is excellent, but making the right choice can be challenging. It’s why we work closely with you, providing you with all the information you need to be an informed decision about the types of security services you can choose. We are objective in our approach and thorough in our assessment and survey of your property, which is crucial in helping you acquire suitable security systems.

We offer convenient, high-tech tools for easy control and navigation through your premises. From automated door locks and remote access to security cameras, security lighting, and more, we are the company that can help improve your home or business security significantly.

The ACECOMM Difference

We are a leading provider of CCTV and security services in the region. Although there is no shortage of security service providers in Las Vegas, many things set us apart from them, including the following:

  • All our equipment is NDAA compliant, ensuring you get the most secure systems for your property.
  • We offer the highest quality and various security solutions, catering to residential requirements, smaller businesses, and enterprise clients. No matter your security system needs, we can design the perfect ones.
  • All our technicians are certified for all the products we install; it’s your assurance that we will carry out all works to industry standards.
  • Security on residential and commercial premises is all-important. We take the time to survey your property, its layout, and its infrastructure before recommending the most suitable security services and installations.

With us handling your security system design, installation, and maintenance requirements, you have peace of mind that your property, family, employees, visitors, guests, and assets are always protected.

Residential And Commercial Security Services

We recognize that every residential community and commercial property has specific security needs. Considering this, we offer a range of security and surveillance solutions, specializing in individual homes, HOA, and gated community security in Las Vegas.

Our company knows that when it comes to security systems, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we always offer customized solutions using the most advanced and proven surveillance and security products on the market. After conducting an Operational Analysis, our security services team will recommend a customized approach including some or all of these security services:

  • Access control
  • Security guard patrols
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Emergency response and life safety
  • Reception/concierge duties
  • Loss prevention
  • Special events
  • Property-specific security functions
Contact Your Local Trustworthy Security Services Experts

We offer the latest CCTV products and professional surveillance system installation in Las Vegas. We have everything from primary cameras to help protect small residential properties to high-definition CCTV and burglar alarm systems for your business.

Don’t wait until it’s too late- make sure you are 100% protected- call us at 702.873.1007 to know how we can help you with the most advanced, tailored security services. You can also send us your queries about our security services in Las Vegas solutions through this Contact Us form on this page. One of our ACECOMM team members will call you back to schedule an onsite visit and consultation.

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