A growing number of people are asking for automated “smart houses” as technology advances to meet their demands. Most of a smart home’s functionality can be managed remotely and at the touch of a button. Ace Comm is the company to call for all your home automation in Las Vegas needs.

We have the most recent innovations in residential technology to assist you in designing your ideal house. Our automation solutions will allow you to keep your home safe while taking advantage of modern conveniences.

Range Of Smart Home Automation Services

Our expert designers have reimagined luxurious environments with an unequaled commitment to innovation and precision. Our thorough consultative approach from beginning to finish, knowledge of control systems, and attention to detail allow us to design and build smart homes perfectly suited to our client’s needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore some of the numerous benefits of going the home automation way.

Smart Home Technology
  • Your home’s lights, entertainment, climate, and security are all under your complete control
  • Control your home  from any mobile device with a single touch.
  • When you use our home automation service, we’ll assist you in making your home the perfect spot for relaxation, entertaining guests, or getting the kids’ homework done
  • Control lighting, security, and surveillance systems from Las Vegas or anywhere across the globe
Integrated Home Systems
  • Modern, one-touch access to all of your home’s electronics
  • Newly-invented commands through touchscreens, mobile applications, and voice recognition
  • Incorporate sophisticated keypads that allow for hands-free control of your entire home
  • Activate scenarios that concurrently modify lighting, interior and outdoor sound systems, and more
Lighting Control
  • Enhance your home’s ambiance, productivity, relaxation, and safety by controlling it’s lighting
  • A set of elegant, personalized keypads can do wonders for any room’s aesthetic
  • Designed spaces for entertaining guests, watching movies or unwinding after a long day
  • Eye-catching landscape lighting in Las Vegas raises your home’s projected value and makes it safer
  • Feel completely calm thanks to our top-notch monitoring
  • Superior quality and video analytics aren’t the only benefits of using a high-performance camera
  • Easily access real-time feeds from any place in the world
  • Finding and sharing footage is a breeze because of  exceptional control
Human-Centric Light Systems
  • Superior lighting techniques moved by the beauty of nature
  • Modern science has perfected the art of simulating sunlight.
  • The curated settings will perfectly calibrate your natural sleep-wake cycle
  • Easy mood setting for reading, schoolwork, or entertaining guests
Motorized Window and Shade Treatments
  • Shades that can be adjusted precisely provide a touch of class and privacy to any space.
  • High-end design, fabric, and color choices are available
  • Quickly and easily block the light and preserve your family’s privacy.
  • Reduce the amount of natural light entering a room to protect your furniture and artwork.
Customized Home Automation In Las Vegas

We recognize that no two homes are alike and that every homeowner will have particular home automation requirements. Want customized smart home automation to match your lifestyle? Let our knowledgeable team craft a solution that brings exceptional efficiency, beauty, and comfort to your property.

Contact The Local Home Automation Experts

Ace Comm is one of the most preferred automation partners in the region. We have worked with scores of local homeowners, providing them with exceptional value. If you are curious about which appliances, fixtures, and features in your home can be seamlessly integrated into automation systems, feel free to call us at 702.873.1007.

You can also send us your queries about our smart home automation in Las Vegas solutions through this Contact Us form on this page and one of our team members will call you back to schedule an onsite visit and consultation.

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